A clearing house of information and photos from Delta Vortex kit builders.

Builder Photos

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Adrian and Alistair
from Australia

Bill from Canada
Side Force

Paul from Canada
Bird Control

Hakim from Kenya

Philippe - Belgium
Robart Retracts
Sleek and Speedy
Gene from Alaska
Made in America!

Dale from Arizona

Ron in Arkansas

Tom, Walter, Gene
Arizona DV Trio

Tony - California
Electric Power

Gary - California

Richard - California

Jim in California
RCM Review

Scott - California

Dean - California

Jon in California
Electric Power

Tom in Colorado
Gas Engine

Ron in Florida
DV with retracts

Henry in Florida
82 years young

Rich in Florida

John in Georgia

Darren in Maine

Mark - Maryland

Jeff in Michigan

Neil - Minnesota
With Retracts!

Ron from Nevada
Unique Exhaust

Lloyd from Maine
E-Power, Retracts

Jim - New Mexico
Cross-Country DV

John in New York

Allen - N Carolina

Mike from Ohio

Tony from Ohio

Paul from Ohio

John in Ohio
Rotating Retracts

Dan in Oklahoma

Duane - Oregon

Rudy in Oregon

Trevor in Oregon
Kit Review

Bruce & Son - PA
ARF with Center Elevator Mod

Robert in Texas

Bob in Texas
American Icon
Jerry - Texas
Monokote Whiz

Jim & Matt - TX
See the Video!

Leo from Texas

Eldio - Virginia
Center Elevator Modification

George - Virginia

Joe from Virginia
National Treasure

Larry and Ron
in Virginia

Dave - Washington

Art - Wasington

Rob and Leonard
in Washington

Jeff in Washington
Center Elevon Modification

Joel - Wisconsin

Norm - Wisconsin



Photo Group 1
Delta Vortexes
With Retracts

Photo Group 2
Smiling Pilots

Photo Group 3

Photo Group 4

Highly-Modified, Re-Sized, and Jet-Powered Deltas

Some builders like to use the basic design as a creative springboard.
Here are some amazing aircraft, all inspired by the Delta Vortex.

Vincent from PA
and the BEAST
George - Canada
Double Size DV

Jaco in
South Africa
Mini DV

Glenn in Manila,
Stealth, Retracts

Lloyd in Maine
90mm EDF

Joseph in Florida
Modified DV and
Extremely Cool

Joseph in Florida
Enhanced Delta

Joseph in Florida
Ultra DV

Joseph in Florida
Electric DV

Joseph in Florida
Pusher Prop

Joseph in Florida
His Latest DV
OS 1.60

Joseph in Florida
His Latest Latest
Electric Power

PJ in Pennsylvania
Super Sleek
with Retracts

Armand in MA
"Pocket" DV

Wayne in
New York
Wing Panels
Sam in Texas
Turbine Power
140 mph!!!

Norman from UK
Turbine Canard!!!

Keith in Georgia
14 lb. Turbine

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