Rob in Washington writes:

"Hi Bruce - I ordered a Vortex kit from you on July 5th and just wanted to say it was a joy to build  I added a couple of pics and a short story for your enjoyment.

"A fellow club member bought this Vortex at a swap meet and I immediately bought it from him.  I loved flying it but ended up trading it to a third club member - Leonard Victor.
"I found a picture of what is now Leonard's Vortex on your web site - it was originally built by Al Franklin of Gig Harbor, WA according to the web site.
"I just did not have a big enough vehicle to properly haul it and I thought it would be fun to build one someday."

"So I bought a pickup truck and then I ordered a kit from you and built this one - covered in Monokote."

"In this pic you can see the rudders out as air brakes on landing.  We have a beautiful view of Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainer from our field."

"And here is a great pic of me and Leonard landing together on Sunday."

"Leonard has flown his recently at several fly-ins around the state and gets positive comments and the "where can I get one questions."  Of course he has been happily telling them Bruce Tharpe Enginering of course!

"Thanks again for a GREAT airplane!"

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