Jim from New Mexico tells this exciting tale of a Delta Vortex:

Hi Bruce,I have talked with you at QSAA and on the phone over the last couple years about the cross country race in New Mexico's white sands missle range race. I used your Delta in it and went very well. We are doing it again.

I am needing to build a new model to meet "new" critiria and need another Delta Vortex kit and blue/black cowling Please, I will be calling soon to place the order.

I thought you might be interested in what else your craft can do. Test bed: 145 miles, 4 varied mileage stops for refuel and battery change. Air Temperature start 65 F high: 110 F. Timed and scored legs from take off to landing. No timing devices except speedometer and mileage driven.

We landed 3 times inside of 1 minute. The other leg we made a math mistake that cost us a comfortable 2nd place. Winning team; 3 inside of 8 seconds and 1 under 1 minute. longest leg 60 minutes landing inside of 8 seconds. They also took best overall leg! Good friends and competitors, known to be honest and trusted! Aircraft.

Stats: Top speed flat out no wind 102mph56 oz fuel in four tanks inside wing @ CG72 minutes full throttle, cruise is about .45% throttle 60mph 2400 ma battery pack. Special wide track " working "bush" suspension" landing gear8.3 lbs dry, 12 lbs wet, powered and ready. YS 91 4 stroke, 13x9 APC prop. Twin rudders with Air brakes. Lands like the shuttle and cork screw rolls. Bomb bays in wing tips for streamers 1.25" x 30'. Single servo operated. Cute but need to be wider and packing is critical. Balanced with equipment placement, still a little nose heavy, balances at your furthest forward suggested.

This years event requires 40% more distance.  This means more fuel. 60 miles to 100+ and a possible flying time of 100% increase at 2.5 hrs. We are sure we can do it. Performance is important with possible high winds, although last year it wasn't even a factor. Giant dust devils were watched for constantly and avoided numerous times as well as the Orix that bolted out onto the highway. Big as a horse and dumber than a cow. Take care and I hope to talk to you soon. I just need to find the time during office hours to hook up with you, I have 10 employees.

Jim sent this post script:

I have flown in a cross country race and have modified 2 Delta's to fly long distances to compete. This year we placed 2nd with a Delta that flew one leg for more than 2.25 hrs and is capable of 3.5hrs at over 80 MPH. There are pictures of landing gear modifications that I have used on all my Delta's that everyone should be interested in. They increase the width adding stability and suspension. They have proved to be extremely durable with no modifications needed to the aircraft.

Below is a link to my website where you will find:

A short story of the Race.
A scrapbook of the 2 "Delta Tankers" evolution
Pictures of the latest "Delta II Tanker" from drawing board to finish line.


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