Dale from Arizona writes:

"Dear Vortex Enthusiasts,

"Just finished my Vortex and am very happy with its first four flights. I used the OS91FX with an APC 14-8 for power and 7 servos to move all the functions. The firewall was moved back 2 inches with the steering and throttle servos relocated to just forward of the stock radio compartment. A center elevator was added to evaluate hovering maneuvers and for use in "crow" high drag configuration. With a 1700 ma battery, the CG came in at 20.25 inches forward of the TE. My JR 8103 was programmed to kick out the rudders for speed brakes on one switch and crow (elevator up and elevons down or vice versa) on another switch.

"The flying revealed a very fast and responsive airplane as well as one capable of stable and controlled slow flight. On my 3rd flight I was able to vertical hover the Vortex quite easily and even got a torque roll going. The rudder speed brake actuation created a moderate nose up condition and lots of drag. Actuating the "crow" gave the same amount of drag, but didn't have any trim change and I was able to make several landings with "crow" on all the way down to touch- down leaving a little power on. I am disabling the rudder speed brake and moving the "crow" to a switch above the throttle stick.

"My next flying session will have the CG moved up to the rear limit shown on the plans. My control settings have quite a bit of exponential on the elevator and aileron functions. I am looking for ways to play "hooky" to get back out to the field for more fun.

"Thanks Bruce, for another great design! The Vortex will be competing hard with the Venture 60 for my "all-time favorite airplane".

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