Joseph writes:

"This morning I was able to test my new Enhanced Delta Vortex.

"It has a 6 foot wingspan and it is powered by a 120 2 stroke engine.

"It is a magnificent flyer (as expected … ).  

"I built it from a set of ribs for the Delta Vortex and I added an outboard rib and an inboard rib to scale it up."

Joseph went on to write:

"The singe fin is removable, that’s the reason for the servo embedded in it.

"The purpose of the wingtips (made of ¼” lite ply) is to protect the extremes of the elevons.

"They are very necessary because with the wingspan at 6 feet it is very easy to hit every extremity of the airplane.

"The long tail boom is also reinforced against abuse (very necessary with me …)

"Next Sunday morning I will complete the qualification tests.

"Congratulations on your great design (the Delta Vortex)."
Bruce's Comments:  Congratulations to Joseph for taking a good thing and making it ten times better!  He has an eye for aesthetics, master craftsmanship, and pays great attention to details.  His enhanced DV is just one of several magnificent creations inspired by the Delta Vortex.

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