Duane's All-American Beauty

Here is what he has to say:

"Just found your site today. Neat to see someone else enjoys the Vortex as much as I do. I've been flying mine since May. Am using an RJL .61K and a 12/6 prop. Attachment is a photo of my Vortex. Mine has modified landing gear, mains turned out and Fults nose. Now it handles our grass field great. Thanks again for a fun site."

In October, 2002, Duane sent this update:

"I'm Duane aka Duanes All-American. My Home (and the Vortex`s is Seaside, Oregon. Sadly the Vortex died in Nov 2001. It has been replaced by its identical twin with an MDS .68 Turns a 12/6 prop at 11200 rpm with a reliable idle of 1900!

"Really nice engine for the delta. Lots of vertical and really slow (shuttle like landings) So much fun I`m afraid someone's going to make it illegal!"

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