Rudy writes:

"I used K&B paint and fiberglass on the center section and rudders. Also applied panel lines and rivets on same. Ultracote on all other surfaces. I cowled the engine and added a small canopy. Powered with Jett Engineering .90 and used a Hyde soft mount. Had to turn the engine on its side as the muffler would not clear the wing upright. I moved the throttle and steering servo behind the landing gear block and enlarged the radio gear hatch to accomodate. This allowed me to achieve the proper C.G. without adding any balancing lead. The finished airplane ready-to-fly weighed 7 lb. 2 oz. with all equipment and engine installed.

"It flew just as you said it would. I was surprised how slow it would fly. I think the Vortex flies slower than the Flyin' King can. Vertical performance with the above engine was out of sight. It got so high that all I could see was a smoke trail. I could go vertical, cut the throttle, and before it fell over increased the throttle again, continuing on straight up in as many steps as I wished. I can't remember when I had a better building and flying airplane."
Bruce's comments: Sure wish I had more pics of your bird, Rudy. From what I can see, this is one of the sleekest DVs out there. Oh, and I love pics with snowy mountains in the background.  Nice!

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