Jaco writes:

"Here are a few pics of my smaller Delta Vortex I'm building. It's got about a 1000mm span, and I'm planing to put a 52 evolution motor on it. I have not calculated the wng laoding yet but it does feel a bit on the heavy side. It's got the same calour scheme as my DV.  The next pictures I'll send would be of the two of them together, I'll do the pic before I maiden this one."

One week later, Jaco sent this update:

"I hope that your projects are going as good as mine.

"What great design, thank you.  All I did was redraw almost all of the parts and modify to fit where needed (mostly because of poor building - I'm always in a hurry :-) ).

"The big one are a DV with a 90 OS and standard as it came in the box.

"The smaller is my scratchbuild. The DV's span is about 1370mm and the mini dv is about 970mm. DV's got a 90OS and the mini a 52 Evolution.  The mini is a bit heavy at about 2,4 kg!!!.

"If all goes well I'll maiden the mini DV this weekend....

"Once again, thank you very mutch for a great plane and even greater design, and especially your support.
Bruce's Comment:  Thanks to camera distortion, the Mini DV in the pic above looks nearly as big as Jaco's standard DV.  I would love to make smaller and bigger versions of the DV, but never seem to find the time.  I'm glad a few energetic builders out there enjoy the design enough to tackle a re-sized  version on their own.  Well done, Jaco!

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