More Delta Vortex Photos

Ken in California

MDS .68

Ken liked this one so much, he ordered another one!
Galen in Washington

Delta Vortex ARF

Galen is a big BTE supporter and he loves his Delta Vortex
Jerry in California
Roger in Australia

He writes:  "what a great model ,,, the Webra 91 pulls the Vortex along easily, the rolls are very fast and axial and landings are nice and slow just a great model mate ,,,, thanks"
Ed's Sea Vortex

Sorry folks, I have no details on this model or the floats. Bet it's fun!
Lucien in Maine

Look close and you will see this is NOT a Delta Vortex. It is the clone from ModelTech known as the Delta Fighter .90. Unknown floats, power is OS 1.25 two-stroke. Lucien comments, "What a machine!!"

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