More Delta Vortex Photos

Don in California

Saito .80 Golden Knight

21st Century Fabric

Don says, "What a great kit. Flies as good as it looks. Keep up the great work."
Kent in California

Y.S. .91   7-1/2 pounds

Kent writes: "Thanks for producing a great kit."
Ed's Delta Vortex

Saito .91

Ed says, "It flies like a dream. Rolls are a wow."

Gene in South Carolina

Super Tigre .75

Weight 8lb. 3oz. with
9oz. tail weight.
Gene in South Carolina, Again!

Gene writes:
"Attached is a pic of the Vortex I just finished for one of the guys in our club here in South Carolina.  He loves it.  I have built two kits and two ARFs so far...  Only needed 1.75 oz. ballast to balance a 21.5 inches."
Ron from Arkansas

This is a Cermark ARF with some personal touches by Ron.

Gotta love flames...
Scott in Wisconsin

Scott provided info on programming airbrakes with the JR 8103.

Click here for details.
Joe in Hawaii

OS .61FX with Ultrathrust Muffler

Joe says, "The Vortex kit you produce has got to be in the TOP 5 of all the kits I have built (well over 225).  The parts and instruction sequence are first rate.  I opened the box on Monday and flew Saturday!"

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