Joseph writes:

"Here are pictures of my version of the Delta Vortex. It flies extremely well with an OS 90 but it is a bit too fast for my taste.  If I build another one, I will probably increase the wingspan by configuring it as a double delta (dual taper)."

I asked him about the canopy, and mentioned I was surprised he thought it was too fast.  Joseph replied:

"The canopy is from a King Kobra and too fast is not what I meant. I should have said “squirrely”. At any rate, it is a great flier, at any speed."

Well, the turtledeck and canopy were not major modifications, but I appreciated Joe's level of craftsmanship and the overall elegance of the nose area and the color scheme.  Little did I know at the time that this was to be the first in an amazing line of modified Delta Vortex planes from Joe.

I also didn't know that he was no stranger to the world of delta wing models.  He sent along some pics of a modified Enforcer that he built prior to the DV.  I thought long and hard about showing his Enforcer here because, after all, it is a competitor's product.  But let's face it, it's a work of art and another example of Joe's creativity.  You have to respect that!  The stunning model looks like it jumped off the cover of Popular Mechanics.

Joseph had this to say about his modified Enforcer:

"My fascination with deltas started many years ago.  I built an Enforcer (Balsa USA) and I took the original 48" wing and transformed it into a 60" wing by doing a "double delta".  The flying characteristic was so good that I built eight of them, some highly-customized like the one that I am showing in the pictures (the wingspan is 76")."

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