Ron writes:
"Bruce, today I made the first two flights on my modified Vortex.  Thought I would send a couple of pics in case you might be interested in how one of the many mods of your kit looked.  I was really lucky that the kit assembled very straight.  No twist or out of true in the wing at all.  I only needed three clicks up trim after take off to fly hands off.  During construction I moved some things aft, used hardwood and epoxy aft of the cg in some places(because I knew it would need some weight aft) which resulted in a 21 1/2" CG with no added weight. I presently have one of the Delta Fighter 90 ARFs and didn't like the accessibility associated with the single panel underneath.  I built three access panels on top.  These hatches have hardwood frames and sub spars that run from W-2(L) to W-2(R). One hatch is for the tank, second for the servos, and the third magnetically held hatch covers the air receptacle and charging jack/elec switch.  Under the mount for the air receptacle and elec switch is the receiver and air tank."
About four months later, Ron sent this update:
"I built one of your Vortex planes this summer.  Mine was built with retract gear so the tank went behind the standard tank location.  The short of a long story is that two successive OS 91 FXs, one with Cline fuel pressure regulating system did not perform well.  Fuel delivery problems.  I recently bought and installed  a new YS 61 two-stroke pumped engine and installed a new JR 2.4Ghz system.  The new combo is flying well.  And even though I wasn't successful with the OS91, the YS61 pumped engine does just as well.  Good flyer."
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