Joseph writes:

"This is my third Delta Vortex. I call it UDV3 (U for Ultra).

"It has 7 ft wingspan, weighs 19lb, and flies very well under the power of an OS 160."
At this point, I declared Joe to be the "Delta Vortex King".  He kindly replied...

"Thanks for the compliments but if this is a great airplane it is because of what you started!

"Now that it has had a couple of flights and I have learned how to land it I will have someone do a video. I will be happy to send it to you.

"The first flight was a bit nerve wracking. On the first take-off attempt it veered off to the left and I nearly lost it. After close inspection I discovered that the rudder was reversed!

"With the rudder servo finally running properly, it finally took-off and flew respectably well. Somewhat slow on account of the engine being new but it demonstrated that it could fly well.

"The first landing was another story. It just would not settle down! Finally I was able to get the approach speed slow enough but the landing was not something to talk about. Lots of wing area made it float like a glider and on top of that it felt a bit tail heavy.

"Yesterday morning, a hot, humid and windless Miami day, I flew again. This time with the batteries all the way forward; with some extra weight on the nose and the engine tuned a bit faster. Great flying! And I can now say that I learned to land it (bleed as much airspeed as possible, stretch the glide and finally get the nose up to force it to touch down and stay down.

"Next weekend I will go for full aerobatics and hopefully even better landings."
So, how do you get a one-piece, 7 ft. span delta to the flying field?  Simple...

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