Wayne writes:

"Here is what I did with the short kit you sent me. I decided to make the wings removable for transport. Used Sig Sumpthin' Extra wing tube and an arrow shaft for carry troughs. Duplicated W-1, used a fuselage mount landing gear."

I asked Wayne if it had flown yet, he replied...

"No it has not flown yet.....Western NY weather, hopefully by April. Some notes on my build, I duplicated rib W-1 (4) in lite ply. I think lite ply only needed on the inboard wing W-1 , not necessary on the fuselage side as long as landing gear plate well reinforced. I used the SIG method of attaching the wings (J hooks and rubber bands 2 places). I used Fourmost demountable hinge system for elevon and rudders, I have used these on sport models that I have built for the last 6 or 7 yrs. and found them very strong, even after crashes, they stay intact and are almost air tight, eliminating flutter. Fourmost recommends CA to attach, however I have found RC-56 glue to be easier to use although not as fast. I could not find a 2" trailing edge for the elevons so I built them up using 3/32 sheet and 1/4 " balsa wedges to provide shape. A hard balsa leading edge gave good torsional strength with the addition of a 2" length of carbon fiber ribbon over the slot so I extended the elevons through the vertical tail to give full span elevons (cut a slot in the elevons to clear the fins). I moved the firewall back 1.5" from plan (1.25 would have been better) I used an OS .95AX for power and Dubro vibration mounts. With this setup I have to install the right wing first, then insert the wing tube to allow clearance for the OS muffler. Because it is offset up it barely clears the wing when installed. In my configuration I could not install any aftermarket muffler system because they all exit straight out and will not clear the wing. With the mods described the Delta Vortex balanced midway in the range with no weight added. Completed model weighed in at 8.8 pounds."

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