Sam in Texas - RAM 750 Turbine Power

Sam writes:
"Enclosed are photos of what started out as your aircraft. It flies good, but as usual needed sorting out. For instance, at idle on an approach, the aircaft comes down to chest high and there levels off for as far as the eye can see."

"Dry weight is 15-1/2 pounds, carries 80 oz. of fuel, at 1/3 throttle it flies about 140 mph - needless to say there is more than enough vertical performance."

Bruces comments:
Sam made a lot of structural changes to this DV, as you might imagine considering the final weight. As I recall, he sheeted the entire wing with 1/8 balsa and finished with fiberglass and paint. The RAM 750 is rated at 17 pounds max thrust, which is obviously overkill (but I'd love to see it fly!). Sam is a Top Gun quality designer and builder, so it was extremely gratifying for him to use his talents on one of my models.

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