Norman from the UK writes:

Hi, I have sent you some photos of my Vortex canard nearing completion.
Will let you have more photos later when it is completed.

Hi again,

The canard Vortex has flown If you look closely at the canard you will notice a clarke Y section, I forgot that it has an AOA of three degrees built in which I did not take into account, and went ahead and built in my own three degrees AOA.  First mistake.  You can also see the ali stretcher bar across the center of the wing, one inch in front of that is the C/G

Second mistake...  I should have recalculated the new C/G to include the canard!
At take off the model rotated  and went verticle but then continued to do a loop This I corrected with up elevater on the canard only and the model snapped over to a 45
deg down attitude, this was again corrected and it snapped up 45 deg, I now had a Tiger by the tail and I fought it for 40 secs and then decided that I was not going to win so shut down the turbine and place my hands and the model in the lap of the Gods! Nearly got away with it too but the ground decided to leap up 6 feet and grab the model. Damage sustained, my pride, broken fuselage, bent U/C.

Of course I discovered my mistakes after the event [ why is it always after the event?] I have since put another non canard fuselage on the model just to see if it will fly, and it did, so when I get time I will have to redesign another canard fuselage and this time calculate the correct C/G. As a matter of interest the C/G should have been some 6 inches further forward!!

Kindest regards,


Bruce's Comments: It is with deep regret that I must report the passing of Norman. From a thread on RCU, it is apparent that Norman was very well liked and admired both as a man and a modeler.

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