Joseph writes:

"This is my latest creation (built with the ribs that you provided).  It has a 6 ft wingspan and it is powered by an OS 160.  Will fly soon."

Later on, Joseph sent this update:

"I attempted to fly it a week ago but had problems with the landing gear and engine incidence.  Will try again next week.  For the cockpit I found a Barbie doll in a blue astronaut uniform (Smithsonian gift shop)."

Later still, another flight report:

"A member of the club (AMPS) once said that an airplane does not achieve character until it has been adjusted/repaired a few times.  That being the case, my airplane is poised to achieve character hopefully in the next attempt.
"On the first flight attempt it would not rotate.  For the second flight attempt I raised the nose incidence and replaced the landing gear. It was a bit flimsy and it dragged too much on the grass runway.  This time it took off but being tail heavy it went up at a very steep angle so I cut the power and allowed it to “float” down on a heavy head wind.  For the third flight attempt I moved the CG forward one inch. This time it took off relatively well but it still seemed that it was dragging its tail, so, again, I cut the power but this time it had a hard lading that required the repair of a landing gear mount.  In retrospect, I should have continued to climb and fly around for a much “softer” landing (I will be 68 tomorrow but I still don’t seem to learn … ).  The landing gear mount is now repaired and I will move the CG forward about ½ inch and I will try again next weekend."

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