Paul's Vortex Taildragger

Paul writes: I've got six flights on the DV - all in poor, windy weather and I am well-pleased with the results.  I'm glad that I ordered your kit after telling you I had plans to use a 1.20 OS four-cycle and also make it a taildragger.  It flies easily and fast, and is easy to control on the ground - even with dual rear skids.

The kit showed good quality and engineering.  I especially liked the hint about a big, flat building board, so I put mine on a table with wheels.  It did help to move all around this 54" wing!  Doing the sub-assmblies first kept building moving fast.

Right now, the plane weighs 9.5 lbs without 12 oz. of fuel.  The CG is at 23.5" (I misjudged in my preliminary balancing) and maybe that's why I haven't gotten it to spin yet - only spiral.  I'm including some pics to show the changes I've made, and the color scheme I picked out.  Thanks for a great kit!!

Paul's Taildragger Modifications:

- Used to eliminate front wheel and steering servo, and to handle his grass field.
- Rout landing gear block for 3/16" music wire (kit gear is 5/32").
- Move landing gear block forward 2-1/4" (max allowable - touches main spar).
- Tilt l.g. block and vertical blocks 30 degrees so gear extends forward.
- Extend new landing gear struts 1" for prop clearance (2" would be better).
- Splay gear legs outward about 10 degrees (gives 15" wheel tread).
- Use twin skids as designed.  Ground control is surprisingly good.

Paul's Other Modifications:

- Used OS 1.20 four-stroke with 16" prop and 3-1/2" spinner.
- Mounted all servos and hatches topside - no mud from wheels, easy maintenance,
and quick safety checks.
- Made a rear weight box with lite-ply, aft of rudder servo.

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