Bill in Ontario, Canada

Bill writes:
"I'm the guy from Bobcaygeon Ontario that bought a kit + a set of wing ribs from you last Fall.
"I mentioned that I would be adding side force generators and also trying a gas engine. The gas engine (BME Supertigre conversion) will come later on the plane being built from the kit, but I thought I'd send some pictures of the SFG's. Cool -- can't wait to try them in flight when I get the plane finshed. (This is the repaired plane)."

I had to know more about those side force generators, so I asked Bill for more info.  He replied:

"I don't find that the SFG's add anything to it.  I still can't do a knife edge because the roll coupling is still there with or without the SFG's and besides I'm not a great flier anyway.  But the SFG's look cool and don't take anything away from the flight characteristics so I leave them on."

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