Joe writes:  Thought you may be interested in seeing how I bashed your Vortex.  This is Vortex #2.  #1 was a great flying plane which I enjoyed flying over 300 flights.  Got too close to the ground inverted (under 2 feet) and zigged when I should have zagged.  I have 17 flights on #2 and I can say it is the best flying, most enjoyable craft I have ever built and flown, and that covers a lot of territory.  I started building in 1938.
I decided to build #2 with some ideas of my own.  Some things I did in #2 the pictures do not show.  Leading edge is 3/4" shaped a little sharper.  Firewall is moved back as far as possible with 1/8" clearance between prop and leading edge.  Fuel tank over CG. is 17 ounces (fly all Sunday afternoon without refueling).  Onboard ignition, and heavier nose gear.

I kept the weight to less than 7 pounds.  The OS .70 Surpass with pump is a perfect match.  Vertical is no problem.  With the engine on its side, lends to very little cleaning at end of flying (getting lazy).  Covering is Monokote white all over, with top painted.  Not one of my best finishes.  It was very humid and damp in Virginia this year.

I guess that's all I can tell you except it goes where I tell it to, and you can't ask for any more.

Bruce's comments:  In my book, guys like Joe are a national treasure.  To have a true builder, a modeling lifer, say that the DV is his "most enjoyable model ever" gives me chills.  I will never be a rich man, but feedback like this is rewarding beyond any monetary value.  Thank you Joe!

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