Larry writes...

"I am the big guy in the photo with the green shirt.  I am 61 years old.  My friend next to me in the photo is Ron J. - he is 74 years old..

"A friend of ours, Georg P. ordered a Delta Vortex kit from you, for me.  Ron built it for me, with me contributing about 10% to the building process.  The Vortex is covered with Ultracote Orange and Ultracote Deep Blue, with some checkerboard covering on the vertical stabilizers.  It is outfitted with a Fults nose gear, Du-Bro main gear.  The 4" wheels came from you.

"The engine is an OS .91 ringed FX.  I have a Master Airscrew 12x6, three-bladed prop on it.

"I am using a Polk's Hobbies synthesized receiver in the Vortex and Futaba high-torque servos.  I fly it with a Futaba synthesized CAPS transmitter.
"The plane flies beautifully and it turned out so nicely, thought you might like to see some photos of it.

"Thank you for engineering such great kits.  Ron flies a Flyin' King he got from you.  In fact, this is his second one.  He also greatly appreciates your fine kits and workmanship."

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