Gary writes:
"Power is an Enya XL rear exhaust with a Macs header and a Graupner tuned pipe. Prop is a 12 x 6 APC, radio is a JR 10X. Weight came out to be 7.9 lbs. with only 4 oz. of weight near the trailing edge (per your suggestion - right on). Has perhaps 100 flights on it.

"One thing that is obvious that I did was add a nose cowl that fairs smoothly into the 2 - 7/8 Ultimate spinner. I just think it's a small addition to the stock kit that adds a great deal to the looks of the finished airplane. It wasn't hard to do, but perhaps you might add a section to the plans or an addendum to the instructions that shows how to add this cowl. The other thing I did differently from the instructions was to build the entire "nose box" so that it would be removable for covering. It made covering the model so much easier, and then I simply cut away the outline of the two mating ribs, and slipped it in and glued it permanently afterwards. Not a big deal - just my preference.
"So, I guess I really don't have many comments about the kit - I loved building it ! I still have another kit in the closet, and the only thing I will do differently when I get around to building it is I will definitely add retracts. It's just too cool looking in the air and getting the gear up will make it look even cooler. I don't think the weight increase will be very noticable with the huge wing area.
"The last thought I'd leave you with on the DV is you might leverage your tooling for cutting the parts for it and make a slightly different model out of what's there. For example, Tony F and I think it would make a great small jet model by powering it with say a Wren 44. You know, something similar to the very popular (and common) Hotspots and Kangaroos out there, only wood, and probably much better flying especially for a jet beginner. Perhaps add on a longer "nose box" for balance purposes, and mount the little Wren back between the verticals, or if you want to get really fancy, do an internal installation with a "nose box" inlet and tailpipe exhaust between the verticals. Lot's of possibilities using most of the same parts you already cut, if you see what I mean.

"OK, just one more idea. Some people like "BIG"; I guess that's why you make a Super Flyin' King. Well, how about a Super Delta Vortex ?? In this case, I think all you would need to do is add on one more "root" rib. Obviously, if you project the planform to the distance inboard of one more rib, that rib is going to be huge, and you have a much larger DV. I think that would be cool, but gonna' need a real big vehicle to get it to the field ! Anyway, something else to change up the kit without you having to do a lot of new work."

Bruce's Comments: About the jet idea - it's something I've kicked around in my mind a lot. Just need to find a few extra hours each day, and few extra days every week...  Super DV? Uh, no. I do like your idea about building and covering the engine box separate from the wing. It certainly would make covering and sanding a faired cowling easier. Beautiful DV, Gary!

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