Wow!  The DeltaVortex is GLOBAL.  Note the following, from Kenya, Africa...

"Hello Bruce, I don't know if you remember me but I ordered 3 Delta kits from you about half a year ago. Well we finally managed to build two of them and test flew them this weekend. Needless to say they flew great! Mine is dedicated to my daughters hence the name "Barbie" and my flying buddy's is the red/black one.

We both fit OS 91FX's with tuned pipes which is way over the top in terms of power but I tell you that scream on a dive even at half throttle sends shivers. Yes......I know the fuel pressure line on mine should be on the elbow which is already relocated. Mine is covered in Monokote and the other in Ultracote. I have pink on top and green at bottom and have no problems with orientation.

The last picture shows Alex just on take off. His delta is secured to the "ramp" with a nail connected to a piece of rope. He revs to full power and pulls the string whereby the plane just leaps can see the rope just released! The planes are awesome and fly just as beutifully really slow. Well done. Please feel free to use the photos as you wish.

Thanks and kind regards,
Hakim TungMombasa, KENYA (East Africa)"

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