Here is what Dan has to say:

"This is my ARF version which I have named the "Vortex Vixen" and the "tail art" was produced on my computer and printed with an ALPS MD1000 printer on Kodak sticky-back transparency sheet. The "Delta Vortex" decal on the wing was made by scanning the original supplied one and modifying it to be red rather than the blue-silver. Again, printed same as the "tail art".

"Power is a Fox .74 and this plane is a dream to fly. No bad habits that I can detect yet. Haven't flown in any serious wind yet (say, 20+ mph) but sooner or later I will.

"I normally fly off asphalt but we also have a 600' grass runway and the Vortex handles fine either way. I use a 13.5 x 6 Boley prop and my ground clearance is a little over 1 inch so the grass runway needs to be kept short.

"I didn't fit the original spinner as the cutouts did not come close to matching my Boley prop. Probably some time I will get around to making it fit - in the meantime I will keep the DuBro spinner nut."

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