Neil says:

"I'm including some photos of my DV during construction and at completion. I flew it last weekend for the first time. It was a pretty windy day so I only put in one flight. Seems to fly OK but it's a little early to pass judgement.

"With all the mods to the airframe the CG came in at 21.5 inches. I didn't add any weight. The engine is a JettFIRE 95 with a 14x6 prop. Seems to pull it along just fine. Ground clearance is a little close. I ,may go to a 13x10 prop. The nose wheel is 2.5 inches and the mains are 3. I moved the firewall back about 7/8 inch and cowled the engine (balsa).

"A couple of other construction details I forgot to mention that might be of interest:
- Added a top and bottom balsa spar behind the retracts extended to join the main spar
- Added a bottom balsa spar in front of the retracts (used the original cut-outs in the ribs intended for the main gear hard wood block)
- Couldn't figure out a clean way to run the activation wire to the nose gear from the main retract servo, so I added a second retract servo for the nose gear in the nose gear compartment.
- Sheeted an additional 2 bays on both wings - top and bottom. I almost convinced myself to to just sheet the entire wing but decided it was over-kill.
- Moved the steering and throttle servos to the rear compartment.
- Put the battery in the back of the wing, right in front of the TE- 1200mah 4 cells
- Placed the tank behind the "engine box" since the nose gear occupied that space now
- Since I had to split almost the entire bottom sheeting to gain access to center compartments I use 3/32 aircraft ply for the single, long hatch cover and screwed it to hardwood rails glued to the outside bottom of the center 2 ribs.

"That's about it. Haven't weighed it so don't how much extra weigh was added but I would guess it weighs at least 1 LB more than stock.

"The retracts are DB Southern Pro."

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