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That's right, BTE shipped its very first kit (a Venture 60) in September 1994. Since that time we have proudly shipped thousands of kits all over the world. Modelers are nearly universal in their praise for the quality of our designs, parts, packaging, instructions, and customer service. Over the years we have also built and delivered UAV airframes to numerous universities and government entities, and most of those airframes are still in service today. To all of our happy and loyal customers, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your business, and a very sincere THANK YOU!

- What can we say? The delay has been shameful. But we are very happy to announce the return of our high-wing hero, the Flyin' King! This popular kit is a joy to build and even better to fly. Kits are finally in stock and ready to go out the door. Are you ready for a modeling experience like no other? Click here for more info.
- Exciting news from BTE! We are proud to introduce our first official Electric Power Conversion Package. Engineered specifically for the Flyin' King, it features upper-tier components at mid-range prices (no cheap junk!). The Cobra brand motor and ESC are from Innov8tive Designs, a long-time leader in the electric power community. Included in the package is a prop, a motor standoff, an installation kit, and a full-size plan. VIDEO!

The Flyin' King is a natural for electric conversion, and lots of our builders have done it on their own over the years. The BTE package takes all the guesswork out of the process. It's all figured out! Click here for more info.
- Bruce's main hobby interest for the past couple of years has been vintage R/C models - models that were designed at least 35 years ago. Finding info and plans for those old designs took a lot of research, so he decided to compile all of those resources into a single list. Looking for a vintage R/C project? This would be a good place to start! Click here for the list with links to all of the resources.

- NEW for 2020: THE GREAT VRCS KIT LIST FOR 1981-1984.
VRCS has a rolling cutoff date of 35 years. That means that any model designs from 1984 or earlier are considered eligible for VRCS fly-ins. Here's a list of nearly all the American kits that were available in 1981 - 1984.
- The monster returns! The Super Flyin' King is our biggest plane and it gets tons of attention where ever it goes. Now, the SFK is not for everybody. You need the right kind of shop (big), the right kind of vehicle (fairly big), and the right personality (like things big). But if you're up to the challenge, the SFK is a builder's delight and a pilot's dream. Click here for lots more info on the SFK and all of the high-quality optional accessories offered by BTE.
- Unfortunately, we are now out-of-stock on Reaction 54 kits. With many other projects taking priority at BTE, there may not be a new batch until well into 2019. Please email us if you would like to be added to our notify-when-ready list for the R54.

Click here for more info on the R54 kit and accessories.
- The Super Flyin' Kings that Bruce built for NASA have a new name - DROID. It stands for Dryden Remotely Operated Integrated Drone. Beats the original acronym which was GUT (Gordon's Utility Trainer). They are being used in a variety of ways, both in research and educational outreach programs. Click here for more DROID info.

LINK NASA Dryden's DROID Mini-UAV Reaches New Heights
LINK Auto-GCAS Flight Tests on DROID UAV Declared a Success
LINK Are These the DROIDS You're Looking For?

- Just got an update from the Armstrong (formerly Dryden) Flight Research Center where they have just tested an twin-fuselage glider system towed aloft by a DROID. This particular DROID (modified Super Flyin' King built at BTE) was upgraded to a DA-170 for extra towing power.

LINK Towed Glider Launch System Test Flight
- In 2009, BTE contributed to one of the coolest projects ever. This Super Hauler was flown in front of oncoming tornados and dropped sensor probes. In our humble opinion, it was the single most eye-catching piece of equipment used in the entire third season of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers show. Congrats to the crew from Radiance Technologies who operated the Super Hauler in a safe and professional manner despite the extreme conditions. Kudos also to Reed Timmer and the TVN crew who pulled the trigger on this risky project. BTE is very proud to be involved with dedicated and passionate people like this.

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