Jon writes,
"Greetings Bruce, Submitting these pictures for the gallery. Thanks for producing such a great kit. I had a fun time building kit. The Delta Vortex construction and instructions are second to none."

Bruce asked for more info on the power system, and Jon replied,
"Hi Bruce, My Delta Vortex is powered by the Cobra C-4130/12 540kv motor from
Innov8tive Design, spinning the new black APC 12x10E prop. For control
surfaces and nose wheel steering I used five Hitec D625MW servos. Power from
the 6s, 4500mah, 45c RoaringTop battery is controlled by a Castle Creations
Talon 60amp ESC w/20amp BEC, that is under a vented false bottom in battery
bay. Once again your kit is awesome in quality and build."

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