Tom in Colorado is a big DV fan - he's built five of them!
Here's his latest...

Tom writes:  This DV is covered with Solartex, powered with a .91 Magnum 4-stroke, 13x7 APC, Hitec servos, Spektrum DX6 2.4ghz radio gear. We fly in Colorado at about 5500 feet.  It is the fourth DV I have built. Lost the first due to dumb thumbs, built the second for a friend, lost the third due to a battery failure. Some say this is the best flyer of the bunch. We think it may be due to the Solartex, the other three were powered by .91 2-strokes. We just don't know.

Bruce's Comments:  Tom has told me over the phone that this particular DV has its own sound - or lack thereof. Most DVs with plastic film covering have a distictive thrumming sound in flight, no doubt a result of the large open areas of covering acting like a drum. I've always considered it part of the DV's charm :-) But Tom says this one is much more quiet in flight - no thrumming, thanks to the Solartex fabric covering.

UPDATE!  Gas Engine Conversion

Tom writes:

"Here are some pics showing the gasoline conversion into my Delta #5.

"The engine is a NGH 17cc which I purchased from Agape Racing and Hobby.  It is a direct fit onto the 91 magnum engine mount.  Here in Colorado at 5500 ft. I am turning a Master Airscrew 13 X 6-3 blade real close to the recommended 10,000 rpms.  During the last flight, I took the airplane vertical and it kept going until I decided she was high enough and started back down, about that time I lost the muffler and had to land., I haven't been out with the airplane since.  It is going to be interesting to see what that little engine will do once it has some time on it.

"The re-balance required a few extra ounces on the very aft between the rudders  If I could have moved the engine back a little farther, I don't believe it would have needed any additional balance.  The muffler got in the way of that.  

"The engine seems to be using a little less than 1/2 oz. per minute. 

"Great fun!!"
Tom went on to add...

"I forgot to tell you that I am using a battery eliminator from BP Hobbies made by Aero Tech, a 3500mh 2cell LifePo4  from K2 Battery (which is used for both receiver and ignition) thereby eliminating both a battery and extra switch."
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