Jim writes:

The model is covered in OD on top and flat gray on bottom. It has subdued USAF and stars and bars on the wings and a full color Strategic Command emblem on the rudder. There is also a set of OD Air Force wings on the underside that you see when the Vortex flies overhead. It is powered by a Tower Hobbies .61 and has a Hitec Eclipse radio and equipment. It flies very fast! All the footage you saw was at half-throttle or less. I am completely amazed at how fun this airplane is to fly. Matt and I enjoy playing "tag" between our planes. He flies at full throttle and I fly at half (sorry Matt). We also do simultaneous touch and goes just to see and hear both planes land and take off at the same time.

The Vortex is my favorite plane. I would love to get one about 25 to 50% larger and put retracts in it. Thanks for a great design - I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Click here to see Matt's Powerful Jet Wing Video
Camera, Editing, and Dubbing by Matt.  Video Size: 8.05 MB

Here's an Update from Jim:

Just wanted to let you know that I am in my second full year of flying the Vortex and it's still a pleasure. I have no idea how many flights I have on it. It's the only plane I changed tires on due to wear! Still no hint of fatigue anywhere in the airframe.

I did hit a tree at about 70mph- it just took a chunk out of the leading edge (6 foot flyby over an 8 foot tree) and spun to the ground like a frisbee. Replaced about 4 inches of leading edge- replaced the nose gear servo and repaired a few places in the covering where wood splinters penetrated the covering. Still flying with the original engine, radio. Just new tires on the mains!

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