PJ writes:

"I have in my hand your invoice for the vortex I recived from you, my order date is 04-26-01 ha. Took me long enough to get the bug to build this airplane, but man do I love the way this Vortex came together. I like to be a little different when I do things, so with all the bits and pieces of info on your web site the changes I made worked out real well. I wanted it little bigger so I added 12" to the w/s 65" and changed the angle of the rudders like you see on the F-18. Also installed Areosky electric retracts, had a bugger of a time with them but they work great, I did a little work on the bottom concealing the servos on both the rudders and the elevens, small jet intakes and a jet exhaust, topped off with an OS .91 and a mac tuned pipe, runs up real well.  D.B. WAR BOY named after a good friend that has been ill. Anyway I love this airplane, hope ya like my picts would love to see them on your web site.

"Happy flyin P.J.

In another email, PJ added "I also have a good friend that owns a large farm, we have a great flying field.  vortex will be in the air soon. will let ya know how she flies.  p.s  what do ya think of my jet exhaust job on the back end, I just had to do it."

Bruce's Comment:  For the record, YEAH, I like your pics and love what you've done with your DV, including the exhaust!  You have a great eye for design and styling.  Best wishes on your test flight.

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