Armand's Delta Vortex Fleet
Well, it started innocently enough. Armand built a regular DV, dressed it up in patriotic colors, added a Saito Golden Knight for power, and fell in love! From there, he went on to build a 30% enlargement with a single fin and removeable wing panels.  When he built another regular-size DV and gave it the same treatment, he named it the "Pocket Delta Vortex."  I will let Armand take it from here...

Armand Writes:

Hi Bruce,
I've attached a few pictures of the "pocket" delta Vortex that I built so that this wonderful plane can be transported to the field in a passenger car.  It flys as well as the original.
I've also sent a picture of the original that I built and an enlarged version,130%, powered by a Ryobi 31cc gasser.  They are both excellent flying machines.
Long live the Delta Vortex!

In a follow-up email, Armand Writes:

Glad you like the PDV. 
The genesis of this design comes from the suggestion of one of the avid DV fliers at our club who bought a new car and found that he could no longer transport his beloved DV to the field.  He had to get a trailer!
I suggested that I would think about building a model which could be separated into three pieces as are many of the 1/4 and 1/3 scale planes around today.  I had previously built the 1.7X DV, which had to be in three pieces, so I knew it could be done.
I started with one of your standard kits and went from there. 
I first built a fuse from 1/8-3ply that had a profile like the center section of the normal DV.  I then made holes to accept a 5/8" aluminum tube in the fuse and the ribs that the tube would pick up.  Basically I went out to the third rib where it intersects the spar.  I then built the wings onto the fuse with the tube in place to assure alignment.   
Much of the kit was used but I had to change/add a significant number of parts. The LG was replaced by a new formed gear of 3/16 drill rod and is attached only to the fuse.  I did not want to add the landing load to the wings.  The wings are held to the fuse with a spring in the forward section and with an external brace in the aft section.  If I were to do it again, I would design out the bracket which is hokey but at the last minute I felt that the rear section was a little weak with an alignment pin/spring arrangement. 
I also used a single fin to further make the plane more "pocketable".  I scaled the size of the fin to account for there being only one.
I hope this helps...don't hesitate to ask any further questions about the design.
I have attached a couple of pictures of the PDV "in-the-bones".  These pictures might help you to visualize the design.

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