Tony from Ohio and his DeltaVortex...

"First off, this kit is amazing! I fitted my Vortex with a OS 91FX and 13x8 prop and it was clocked at 104 mph on level flight. Not bad for standard engine faire. Vertical performance was fast and crisp.

"This plane would go straight up with a 2 foot roll out. On a steady breezy day, zero roll landings were no problem.

"Without a doubt the most fun plane I've ever flown. It has the widest envelope of any plane I know in regards to top speed and slow flight, It just won't stall."

"As you can see, I had a problem that put my Delta out of commission. The left servo output horn snapped in flight and it headed into the woods. This is a big kit, I should of used bigger servos. I'll remember that next time. The Vortex would be quite impressive if it were scaled up 2x the size. Wing loading would be soooo light. Keep up the great work."

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