Gene writes:

"I had the priviledge of meeting you this last spring at the Northwest Show in Washington.  I am the guy that gave you some pictures of an RC Dyna Jet that I built a few years ago.  I also purchased a Vortex kit from you and you said to let you know how I liked it.  The word is "excellent".

"A friend of mine and another fan of yours, Don, and I built the Vortex.  We flew it for the first time about six weeks ago and what a great experience that was.  We followed the directions as published.  We also noticed you indicated that we probably would have to add some weight to the tail.  We used six servos and by mounting the servo for the nose gear in the aft compartment and also the throttle servo in the same compartment we didn't have to add any weight.  With an OS 61 RF pumper with a tuned pipe and the tank mounted on the CG it balanced at 21.625 inches.  Don said to tell you that you can delete the paragraph about adding weight.  Our Vortex final weight is just under 7.5 pounds.

"We have 16 flights on it now and just want to let you know it flies better than advertised.  You also said it was made in the USA so we are enclosing a photo for you to show you the covering."

And what a covering it is!

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