Lloyd's Electric VOLTEX

Lloyd writes:  I lightened everything I could. The only thing I didn't do was use built up control surfaces. The model was tail heavy. I had intended to put the battery pack near the CG but ended up with it right behind the motor. I used Hitec 85S mini servos throughout except for retracts. This saves 1/4 Lb right off the bat. I used carbon rods for servos to control surfaces. I covered the open bays with Suprshrink Coverite and all the solid areas with silkspan. Finish is dope. One mod is a 1 inch dia hole near trailing edge at center for tie down rope and handling, very handy. The all up weight including batteries is 6 1/2 Lb.

The power is an Astro brushless, Thunderpower 6 S 2 P 4000 Ma battery pack, Medusa Potencia high voltage BEC, and Castle Pheonix 60 controller. Prop to date APCE 15x10. The performance is sparkling and a ten minute
aggressive aerobatic flight uses only 1/2 of battery capacity and battery and motor are only luke warm on landing. That is the way I like my electrics.

I now have perhaps a dozen flights on the Voltex. It seems to get better and better, possibly this is battery break in, maybe pilot break in.  I felt that vertical performance was disappointing in early flights. Now it will go straight up further than I can discern its attitude before it gives up, plenty far enough. It takes off at half throttle from short grass nicely and leaps out of tall grass abruptly at full throttle and I am too busy climbing, turning, and slowing down to get the gear up for a bit. The Voltex is a real head-turner.

Lloyd's Thoughts About the Retracts

Retracts are, as always, a challenge at best, pain in the ass at worst.

Hours were spent fiddling with the steering and retraction to get it all working right. The steering tended to cant the wheel on retraction so it fouled the retract actuator rod (which of course wants to be in the same space as the retracted wheel). The solution to that aggravation was to put the switch for the rudder/nose wheel (Aux 2) mix onto the JR 3 position switch for elevator flap mix. Now I have to throw 2 switches for the gear, but at least they both go in the same direction and are close together.

The effect of the retracts is dramatic and worth the hassle. At cruise, half throttle, the Voltex is moving nicely with the gear down. As the gear retracts it accelerates smartly and gets delightfully slippery.

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