Delta Vortex Models with Smiling Pilots

Skip in California

Fantastic Color Scheme

Just about any kind of canopy added to the Delta Vortex looks good!
Elmer in Illinois

OS .61FX

Gotta love those John Deere colors. Elmer is a real BTE fan - he has built a Venture 60 and a Flyin' King to go along with his Delta Vortex. Kudos!
Doug in Washington

O.S. .61FX

Looks like he has small, removeable wingtip plates.
Ted in Arizona

Y.S. .91  13x10 APC

8-1/2 pounds

Says "Flies great."
Vic's Wife in Louisiana

Vic says "She is very tolerant of this hobby of mine."
Roger in Colorado

Delta Vortex ARF

Well, he's almost smiling...  :-)

Stan in Arizona

Unfortunately, Stan's DV lasted only four flights due to radio failure. Still, he says, "It was an eye catcher in the air and on the ground."
Fred in California

He says "The Vortex was a good build.  Took me about 3-1/2 months to build.  Put a .91 Magnum out front and it only took one click of trim on elevator then flew perfect."
Robert in ???

Robert added a wooden cowl. He reports it weighs 8 lb 3 oz with 6oz of tail weight to balance. Power is OS .91FX.

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