Dean writes:

"I have finally finished the Delta Vortex and I am very happy with the results.  I took it out to the field and after all the baby pictures were taken and the oohs and aahhs were over, my crewman (Hare) and I got out to the end of our 500-foot runway and away she went. Lifted off just as pretty as you please, made a climbing right turn, and I hear the 30-40 guys standing at the safety fence go aahh again.  It was just beautiful ... Landing was also beautiful - nose high touchdown just as gentle as a kitty jumping off a couch onto the carpet. Big round of applause...

"I did not add any extra weight to the tail. With the tiplets 2 oz. each, and the aluminum landing gear (8 oz. heavier than the wire gear), there was a total of 12 oz. behind the C.G.  The plane weighed 7 lb. 10 oz.  By the way, that aluminum gear came off a Hobbico Extra 300 60 (ASAP series) ... Not only does that gear give the plane more stability, but it looks terrific, and makes the added weight more functional."
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