Bob Moore from Texas writes:

"This color  works good for my 79 years eyes to see. Great kit, I have been a modeler for over 75 years."

Later, Bob wrote:

"I have now about 4 hr on my Delta.I love it and it is so easy to fly."

Bruce's comments:  I learned that Bob has aviation running through his veins.  He is not only a great modeler, he restored full-scale aircraft, and served his country admirably.

Bob was an aircraft mechanic on these in 1952

Bob was a member of this outfit (you may have heard of them)

This was his ride in CAF airshows in the 80's and 90's

Two planes he restored, both are ex-navy aircraft.

Bob was also a pioneer in early R/C model design.  His Oily Bird (shown below)
was a contest winner in the mid 60's and was a popular plane in its day.
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