Mark from Maryland writes...

"I used an MVVS .77 engine with a full length tuned pipe. This is an outstanding engine that really gets up and goes when it is "on the pipe." The engine starts nicely and idles very low. Transition is awesome. It appears to produce plenty of power for anything I know how to do. I initially mounted the engine sideways to put the pipe on top but experienced loading up as the excess oil in the pipe ran back down into the engine. So, subsequent the picture, I mounted it upright and the pipe is now about 3" right of centerline. The good part is the cowl now fits nicely and looks great.

"I mounted the 1100 Ma 6 volt battery in the rear compartment with the receiver, switch (on bottom with in being on), and nosewheel steering servo. I put a 16 oz. Dubro gas tank in the front and mounted the throttle servo sideways against the back of the forward compartment. With the minor servo shifting mods I made and the fact that the MVVS .77 is a light weight powerhouse, I did not have to add any weight for a perfect CG balance at the forward CG limit (22").

"For servos, I used Hitec 605's for elevons and JR 537 elsewere. I used dual rudder servos and programmed the plane for rudder speed brakes with my JR 8103.

"The Delta flies great. The is no pitching moment cause by deployment of the air brakes and it really slows down nicely. In fact, I need to keep a little throttle on until touch down. When landing without speed brakes, I usually just flair hard at about 2-3" off the ground and it creates a soft landing that looks cool. Because I fly off grass that is thick and often a little long, I cannot use a 14" prop and instead use a 13x8 which work great for the engine. Also, I find that I need to pull back about a quarter stick after gaining some speed on takeoff just to lighten the drag the grass creats on the nosewheel.

"Check out my hold backs made with: 2x4 wood, broom handle, 2 long (6") aluminum nails used for hanging roof gutters, and some kids swimming pool noodle foam thingy. They work great and comply with my club's rules for hold backs."

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