Alistair and stepson Adrian are the DV's biggest fans down under.  They have built and flown at least two of them.  Gotta love that flying site!

"Dear Bruce,
"WOW!! What an aeroplane, we could not believe it - it doesn't just take off it BLASTS off with an OS 91FX... Thanks so much for all your help and patience. We are just getting our heart rates back to near normal, it was just that exciting. We had about six flights over the weekend and had one dead stick when the exhaust came off - only lost a nut. Adrian landed her beautifully.
"We are just getting the hang of the Delta "thing". On approach I found I tightened up a turn at low speed and sort of stalled, lost aileron response, then realised that the power drags you out of trouble. We are going to get the rudder "brakes" going soon.
"Anyway Bruce you are a Rutan of the model scene, just great. Am sending some more shots which you are welcome to use if you wish...
"Warm regards, Alistair"

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