NOTE: BTE is no longer a PST dealer.
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PST takes the Reaction to a new level
The Reaction ARF is a perfect choice for your first turbine model, or your tenth! Based on Bruce Tharpe's famous Reaction 54 (with his full permission and support), the ARF combines nimble aerobatics with amazingly docile slow-speed handling. Make it your every-day jet!

78 inches
Wing Area: 1453 square inches
Length: 77 inches/88 inches (X)
Weight: 22 - 28 pounds
Turbines: 14 - 20 lb. thrust
(up to 35 lbs. for advanced pilots)


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ARF Package Contents
So what comes in the box? Click the pic to take a detailed tour of the Basic ARF Package.


- Molded Fiberglass Fuselage, Wing, and Tail
- Short Nose or Extended Nose, Your Choice
- Two Piece Wing with Aluminum Tube Joiners
- Skin Hinges on Ailerons, Flaps, and Elevator
- Removable Tail Surfaces for Easy Transport
- Conformal 2-1/2 Liter Fuel Tank (84 ounces)
- Clear Canopy, Molded Hatch and Cockpit Tub
- Excellent Finish, Painted in the Mold
- Complete Hardware and Metal Heat Shields


You can order your turbine from BTE!
BTE is a dealer for the best turbines in the world. The most popular choices for the Reaction ARF are listed here. Turbine recommendations and advice.

JetCat P80-SE 22 lb. $2195*
JetCat P100-RX 22.6 lb. $2595*
JetCat P140-RX 32+ lb. $3295*
Jet Central Rabbit 22.4 lb. $2795*
Jet Central Cheetah 31 lb. $3195*

* These are retail prices (shipping included).
Save big bucks by taking advantage
of our Combo Discounts shown below.

Instead of numerous combo deals, BTE offers simple combo discounts on certain items when ordered with a Reaction ARF. These discounts all add together, so your total savings depends on the combination. For example, if you order an ARF plus the PST basic retract package and a JetCat P100-RX, your total discount would be $50+$110, or $160.

Pro-Link Deluxe Pkg. $950 SAVE $60
Pro-Link Regular Pkg. $850 SAVE $55
Pro-Link Retr/Struts $500 SAVE $30
Pro-Link Struts Only $275 SAVE $20
JetCat P80-SE $2195 SAVE $100
JetCat P100-RX $2595 SAVE $110
JetCat P140-RX $3295 SAVE $160
Jet Central Rabbit $2795 SAVE $125
Jet Central Cheetah $3195 SAVE $150

- ARF Package Contents - First Impressions
- Servo, Radio, and Turbine Recommendations
- Assembly Instructions
- Airworthiness Directives from PST
- AMA Turbine Waiver Information
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Dave Rigotti
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Maiden Flight
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Nice Landing!
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Alejandro
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Low Ceiling Fun!
- LINK You Tube Flight Video - Geronimo V.
- LINK: PST Jets Website

The Basic ARF Package does not come with retracts. The high-quality retract options shown below are all available from BTE.

PST Retract Packages
Manufactured at the PST factory specifically for this ARF, so you know they will fit perfectly. Includes retract units, trailing-link struts, wheels, and brakes all completely assembled. Basic package comes with air tanks, tubing, valves, and connectors. Deluxe package also comes with proportional brake valve, quick connectors, and gauges.
BTE Price . . .
BTE Price . . .

Pro-Link Retract Packages
Made in the USA. Designed for a drop-in fit in the Reaction ARF. Package features retracts, trailing-link struts, wheels, brakes, and a complete air system with air gauges. The deluxe version includes Jettronic valves for the retracts and brakes.
BTE Price . . . $950  Deluxe Package
BTE Price . . . $850  Regular Package

Pro-Link Retract/Struts
Already have an air system? Then maybe all you need are these Pro-Link retracts and struts. Designed to fit the Reaction ARF with no modifications. Made to exacting standards from T6 aluminum and steel, right here in the USA.
BTE Price . . . $500  Retracts and Struts
BTE Price . . . $275  Struts Only

The Basic ARF Package comes with a molded-fiberglass 2.5-liter main fuel tank. The tanks listed below are optional.

3.8L Main Tank Upgrade
Want to carry more fuel? Order this larger tank (holds a full gallon!) when you order your ARF and it will be swapped for the standard tank at the factory. Recommended when using turbines with more than 20 lbs. thrust.
BTE Price . . .
BTE Price . . .

One-Liter Smoke Tank
Specially molded to fit behind the larger 3.8L main tank. Intended primarily for smoke fluid, it can also be used to extend the fuel load for extra-thirsty turbines. Includes clunk.
BTE Price . . .

One-Liter Auxiliary Tank
Can be used along with the standard tank to increase fuel load, or used as a smoke tank. Installs below the standard 2.5L tank. (Not compatible with the 3.8L tank.) Includes clunk.
BTE Price . . .

PST Bubble Sucker Air Trap
Turbines do not like air bubbles! PST offers this clever air trap header tank made from a small baby bottle. Holds about four ounces of fuel. The hard plastic bottle resists collapsing at full throttle, even with large turbines.
BTE Price . . .

The accessories shown here are available from BTE and will be shipped separately.

Decal Packages
Two different packages are offered to finish off your ARF. Package #1 is for the orange/white Navy Trainer and package #2 is for the blue/yellow Navy Drone. Includes high-quality vinyl graphics and mylar stick-on stars and bars.
BTE Price . . . $49  plus shipping

Elite Force Pilot Figures
These are the best jet pilot figures available today! Several versions to choose from. Each one features super-detailed accessories like helmets with visors and authentic flight suits.
BTE Price . . . $65 to $75  plus shipping

Double Elevator Control Horn Package
The ARF comes with a single elevator control horn with a clevis. If you remove your tail often, it is better to add a second control horn and use a ball link. This package is all you need for a simple retrofit.
BTE Price . . . $12  plus shipping

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