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Okay, maybe it looks red in the photos, but it is really a dark orange. This color scheme is loosely based on the T-45 Goshawk US Navy jet trainer.

Ali Machinchy from the UK shows his Reaction ARF here with a personalized set of markings. Famous world-wide for his piloting skills, Ali is a big fan of the Reaction ARF. He writes:

"The more I fly this plane the more I love it. It's amazing how broad a flight envelope this model has. Super slow to fast enough all in one pass, with really tight turns and loops with little to no signs of dropping out. This is almost a foolproof jet. I really can't see how anyone would make this model drop out the sky! P120-SE power is too much really but with throttle management I am getting 16-minute flights with fuel still left in the bottom tank. One of my favorite things about this model is how it sounds..... Sure we have all heard a composite jet whistle a little, but my Reaction just howls!

This really is one under-rated jet as far as flight performance goes!"

Original Short Nose = Reaction ARF  
New Extended Nose = Reaction X  

Bob Brusa brings his Reaction ARF in for landing after another successful flight. Powered by a JetCat P70, Bob says it reminds him of the smooth pattern ships he used to fly years ago. His model is nicely finished with a graphics package from BTE. Photo by Tom Berry.

Vinyl Decal Package

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