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PST manufactures their own brand of retracts, wheels, and brakes, and offers them in two complete packages that are perfectly suited to the Reaction ARF. Dreamworks developed a set of Pro-Links retracts and struts that are also a drop-in fit. However, the generic mounting areas for the retract units make it relatively easy to install other brands of equipment. PST specifies Robart Heavy-Duty 630 Series or Spring Air 700 Series as possible alternatives. Some strut length modifications may be necessary to make them fit properly.

PST Retract Packages
Straight struts are out, trailing links are in! PST recently upgraded their retracts by using trailing link struts on all three legs. There is no compromise in quality here, the struts are machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum. The Basic Package includes the retracts, struts, wheels, brakes, retract valves, tubing and a variety of connectors. The Deluxe Package also includes a PST Proportional Brake Valve, their unique 3-in-1 Quick Connectors, and a couple of miniature pressure gauges. The feedback on these retracts from pilots has been very positive, even when used on grass.

Ordering Info  It is strongly recommended that you order this package with your Reaction so it can be packed into the ARF box at the PST factory. If ordered separately, shipping charges will apply.

Pro-Links Retract Packages
Dreamworks manufactures these Pro-Link retracts and Struts in the USA. Their most important feature is the trailing-link strut design that has become very popular in the jet community. The main wheel struts feature a unique offset adjustment screw that allows you to center the wheel in the wheel well. These high quality struts will not “loosen up" from continuous use and will provide protection for the life of your aircraft. No pin connection struts here, Pro-Link struts are 1/2" trunion lock style for ultimate strength and reliability. Available from BTE!

Ordering Info  Pro-Link items will be drop-shipped from Florida. All BTE prices include shipping. Combo Discounts will apply when ordered with a Reaction ARF.

Pro-Link Reaction Trailing Link Main Struts
Pro-Link Trailing Link Nose Strut
Pro-Link Taurus Series Machined Retract Set
2 Standard Air Tanks
2 Air Fill Valves
2 Air Gauges
Intairco 3.25" Main Wheels and Brakes
3 Packs Heavy Duty Airline Tubing
Brake Line Tubing
4 Airline Tee Fittings
Jettronic Electronic Proportional Brake Valve
Jettronic Dual Action Retract Valve

Same as Above, Except
Adjustable Rate Retract Valve
Ultra Precision UP-6 Brake Valve
(Instead of the Jettronic Valves)
Pro-Link Retracts and Struts
If you've been at this jet game for quite a while, you may already have all the air system components you need. In that case, simply order up a set of these retracts and struts, perfectly sized for the Reaction ARF.
Pro-Link Struts Only
These rugged 1/2" trailing-link struts absorb a lot of energy and make you look good even on bumpy runways. Made in USA.
Pro-Link Modification by Dave Rigotti
Dave flies from grass, so he wanted a larger diameter nosewheel for his Pro-Links. Clink the link below for details and photos of how he did it.

- LINK RCUniverse - Dave Rigotti's Nosewheel Modification

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