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Standard Main Fuel Tank Included with ARF. The ARF package includes an 84 oz. (2.5 liter) fuel tank, which is plenty for the smaller turbines like the PST J800R, JetCat P70, or Wren SuperSport. For comparison, my personal Reaction ARF with a J800R (18 lb. thrust) uses the standard tank. I set my flight timer for eight minutes, which leaves plenty of reserve for several go-arounds if necessary. My model typically lands with the standard tank still 1/4 to 1/3 full. If you are considering a slightly larger turbine, like a JetCat P80-SE or Artes Falcon, you may still want to start with this standard tank. You can always add the one-liter aux fuel cell later if you decide more fuel is needed.

Optional Main Fuel Tank Upgrade. PST also offers an optional 3.8 Liter fuel tank (equals 1.0 gallon!). This is an upgrade item, meaning that if you order this tank, it will replace the standard tank in the ARF package - you will not receive the standard tank. Builders with larger turbines (20 lbs. thrust or more), may want this extra fuel capacity. You can still add a smoke system using the new one-liter smoke tank.

Optional One-Liter Auxiliary Fuel Cell/Smoke Tank. PST now offers two different one-liter fuel tanks that can be used either to extend the fuel load or as tanks for smoke fluid. These tanks are optional - they are not included in the ARF package.

One-Liter Aux Fuel Cell
For Use With 2.5L Main Tank

Aux Fuel Cell Installation

One-Liter Smoke Tank
For Use With 3.8L Main Tank

Smoke Tank Positioning

Header Tank Options. Although not included in the ARF package, I highly recommend the installation of a header tank designed to eliminate bubbles in the fuel as it travels to the turbine. Perhaps the best known header tank is the UAT from Bob Violet Models. PST also makes their own, called the Bubble Sucker, based on a baby bottle. More info below:

- LINK: BVM Ultimate Air Trap (UAT)
- LINK: Hanson Super Trap
- LINK: Detailed photos of the PST Bubble Sucker showing internal construction. RC Universe thread.

PST Bubble Sucker Header/Air Trap
Ordering Info. Tanks will ship with your ARF, no extra shipping charge. BTE does maintain a small inventory of these tanks, so they can be ordered directly from BTE (shipping charges will apply).

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