Wingspan: 54"      Power: .10-.15      Controls: Elevons, Rudder, Throttle

Yep, like it says on the sketch, this is just another flying wing (except I really like this one). Although the "Crumb" was drawn about ten years before the famous Lazy Bee came to market, it shares a lot of the same pudgy design features. I always envisioned this as a light putt-putt; nearly a powered glider. This is one I'd really like to build some day, but that taildragger gear makes me a little nervous (see Spartan Wing). In case you're wondering, Salacious Crumb was Jabba the Hutt's sidekick in Star Wars II. Mostly he stuck his head out and laughed once in a while. Okay, so I like Star Wars. Sue me.

Plans for the Salacious Crumb are available. Click here for more info.

Click Here to open an 8-1/2" x 11" PDF file suitable for printing. (195KB)

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