Wingspan: 45"      Power: .049      Controls: Rudder, Elevator

This little cutie came to life during my Sig tenure. I put a lot of thought into making it as simple as possible for first-time builders. The fuselage bottom would have been die cut to its final shape so it could serve as a crutch for the rest of the fuselage construction. Sitting flat on the building board, the two (or three) bulkheads would have been glued onto the bottom, then the sides added, followed by the stab and top sheeting. The wing leading edge was 1/4" dowel to make it tough and to save the builder from having to sand this critical component. The prototype flew really well, but it was never seriously considered for kit production. Shortly after I left, Sig became the exclusive distributor for the Norvel engines, so maybe it would have been refined a bit if I was still around. We'll never know...

Click Here to open an 8-1/2" x 11" PDF file suitable for printing. (143KB)

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