Wingspan: 40"      Power: Cox TD .09      Controls: Ailerons, Elevator

Long-time modelers with a knack for useless trivia may remember this one. It was actually published in RC Modeler (June 1992). Built purely for fun while with Sig, I flew it a few times at Sig Field then shipped it cross country to my Dad as a Christmas present. Seeing it again brings back a couple of funny memories. 1) The model was nearly done; the last step was to glue on the little canopy onto the top of the wing. It needed to line up with the "fin", so I bolted the wing to the fuselage. Long story short, that's when I learned that thin CA can travel really fast and go everywhere... 2) When I brought it out to Sig Field for its maiden flight, my buddie's wife said she had never seen a model airplane with a butt. Ouch.

Plans for the EEL are available. Click here for more info.

Click Here to open an 8-1/2" x 11" PDF file suitable for printing. (117KB)

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