Pat in ??? writes...

"This is just a little note to say that my Flyin' King is finally done....well for the most part!!! All that's left to do is balance it and set the final control throws and do a little cosmetic stuff with the covering. This was a very easy, straight forward kit and a good one to do if you haven't built a kit before or if you've been away from building for a while, which I was. Attached are some pictures; the design is nothing spectacular, but it came out pretty good for not covering in about 12 years. The acronym ' CHOPZ' stands for my family's initials. O is for our last name ****** and C is my wife Christine (notice how she is first), H is for my daughter Haley, P is for me, and Z is for my son Zackary.
"The model has a Saito .91 up front and will be flown with a DX7 radio with 5 digital servos and 1 standard servo for the flaps. I'm also trying out the Go-Slo 3 servo speed control for the flaps from Sonic-Tronics. I also incorporated navigation lights from RAM. They are not as bright as I thought they would be, but none-the-less it looks neat. My kids have yet to choose a pilot for it, but I think they are leaning towards Minnie Mouse...Mickey is already in my Slow-Poke.
"The only thing I would have changed is the control method for the flaps. I was thinking about using two servos with independent control rods because right now they are not perfectly symmetrical with each other; this more than likely is not a design issue, but a builder's issue HA HA HA! Other than that it was a joy. BTW, I'm not exactly sure how long it took me to build due to a young family and demanding career, but I did start it some time this year.
"Attached are some pictures for your enjoyment! I think one of them shows me (taken by my 5 year old daughter) and another one shows my two kids. Thanks again for such a great kit, I can't wait to fly her!!!!!!

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