Ray in Canada

I believe this is Ray's second FK. Before getting this kit, he wrote:

"Hello Bruce.  I goofed big time, I sold my Flyin king last year, and although I am into scale, I sure miss the ease of flight and the enjoyment of the aircraft."

Johnny in Georgia

OS .91

"The King met and exceeded everything I had read about the model.  I built it as a tail dragger (your pull-pull rig works perfectly) and have included a tow release so that I can haul sailplanes."

Michael in
South Africa

Model built by Ken Roberts

"The colour scheme derives from Macintosh’s Toffees,because of course it is toffee/candy bomber. Don’t you love the tuned pipe?"

Warren in Alberta

"Hi Bruce, My Flying King ready for its maiden flight which was a joy. Photo also seems to be proof that the earth is round. Thanks for a great kit!"

Vince and Johnny
in New Mexico

Modifications include:

- Custom Fiberglass Cowl
- Extended Tail Moment
- Swept LE on Stabilizer
- Added Dorsal Fin
- Curved Windshield
- Shock-Absorbing Gear

This was the model originally reviewed by Taylor Collins for High Flight magazine.
  Modified and re-finished by Vince.  Beautiful!

Bill in Pennsylvania

Langhorne, PA to be exact.
Dick in California

Bruce's comment:
A few builders have converted their Flyin' King to a low-wing configuration, but this has to be the sleekest one yet.  I love it!  Sorry, no conversion plans are available from BTE.

Roland in Michigan

"The kit was excellent and I will recommend it to anyone who is interested.
Frank in New York

"This is my second model of this plane, and one of the best planes I have ever flown.  After a mishap with my first plane, I decided to change the tail feathers a bit.

"I got a lot of oohs and aahs on the maiden flight last week."

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