David in Connecticut

"...pic of my son's Flyin' King.  It was built by Rudy P who is a great builder and has built your Venture 60 as well.  My son is 13 and has been an RC pilot for 3 years.  He's had a number of airplanes but right now the Flying King is his favorite."

Mike in Ohio

"It is stock built as designed. I had one 7 years ago before I sold it, and there were no modifications to that one either. It's covered in Monokote metallic alum, dark red, and white.  Saito .82 (plenty of power!) and Futaba control. This baby is strictly for laid back flying enjoyment."

Ray in Canada

Saito 1.00

"This aircraft flew right off the building board and just required some down elevator mixed in when full flaps were applied.

"Thanks again for producing such a great kit and great Flyin aeroplane."

Pete in ???

G20 Gas Engine

Note 3-blade prop used to provide some ground clearance.

Joe in Washington

Joe's highly-modified Flyin' King features twin engine nacelles mounted to a stubby lower wing.  The clear enclosure on the nose is to house an onboard video camera with downlink.  For the record, Joe's plane dates way back before the current FPV movement.

Dave in Washington

Just one of two he has built.

Great flight shot!

Roger in ???

Roger says,

"...on its first flight my buddy drove it into the side of a truck for me."

Sheesh, thanks for nothin' !
Richard in Idaho

"This plane took me 2 weeks to the day to finish. For it's size, that in itself is saying a lot for your quality of parts and the excellent fit. This plane will be given away at the up coming Salmon Fly-In at Salmon Idaho on Memorial Day weekend."

That was 2011 - Who won?
Dean in New Jersey

"Bought this Flyin' King from Bill Cramer who finally decided he is too old to fly RC. Bill was a crewman on B-24's in WW2! Please use the photo if needed, Bill would love to see it!"

Dean used to work for Kraft Radio and now makes high-quality fuel jugs with pumps for modelers. Visit his website here:

Jersey Modeler

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