Doug in Canada sends the following contributions to Flyin' King lovers.  Perhaps his is the first low-wing Flyin' King?

"The attached photos were taken in mid 1999. I sent a copy to Bruce and received a very nice reply. Here is a quote from his letter 'Congratulations on a unique project - I have not heard of anybody else doing this.' Of course there have since been many other low wing conversions built which look far better than mine. At the time it was an experiment and I wanted to see it fly and didn't spend too much time on the appearance. For example, the cabin roof line is pretty primitive compared to later models that others have built.

"My son Wayne has previously sent you a message with a couple of pictures of my Flyin' Kings. We live on the south west coast of B.C. Canada.

"The picture below is my Flyin' King No. 3. The floats are locally designed, stepped, flat bottom, tapered out at the front to divert spray, foam core, balsa and lite ply covered then painted. I use the floats, without the water rudder, for flying off the snow in Winter. Far better than skis!   A hint!!  Always give your floats a coat of car wax before using, a shiny slippery surface will let go of the water or snow much easier. If you look closely, you will see that I added a removable sub-fin for float flying. This greatly improves the steering and lets you do tighter circles in the air. On land I fly the plane in the taildragger configuration."

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